Short Bio

I'm a full-time art teacher, artist, mom and overall art enthusiast. I've been blessed to have gone to an art high school and an art college, the Kansas City Art Institute. I've continued to take art classes after college and have a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.


My paintings are based on photographs that I have taken of moments that inspire me, usually dealing with light. I preach to my students that as artists we are not recreating a photograph, but are making a work of art, so I aim to be expressive with my color palette or mark-making in every painting.

A friend recently asked what my favorite subject was to paint and I didn't have an answer. Reflecting on that question made me realize it's not portraits, vs landscapes vs still-lives (i love them all!).. it's moments where the lighting, colors and composition feels just right. Overall, I am inspired by the changing of seasons and the lighting at that particular moment.

Please feel free to send me a message if you have a question about anything you see.


Born in New Jersey, grew up in South Florida, moved to Kansas City, MO for college and never left!

Resume / CV

Attended KCAI 2000-2004, BFA in Printmaking

Attended UMKC 2008-2011, Masters in Curriculum & Instruction

Teacher Assistant & Lead Teacher at the Nelson Atkins Museum/Ford Learning Center, 2008-2011

Art Teacher at Winnetonka High School in North Kansas City School District, 2009-2023

Art Teacher at Park Hill South, 2023-Present

AP Art & Design Reader, 2020-2023

Participant in various gallery exhibitions and art fairs- whenever I can!